BUS660 Week 7 Benchmark Data Analysis Case Study

BUS660 Week 7 Benchmark Data Analysis Case Study for $17 Only

The purpose of this assignment is to apply a waiting line model to a business service operation in order to recommend the most efficient use of time and resources.

(This assignment has been adapted from Case Problem 2 in Chapter 15 of the textbook.)

Use the information in the scenario provided to prepare a managerial report for Office Equipment, Inc. (OEI). 


Office Equipment, Inc. (OEI) leases automatic mailing machines to business customers in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company built its success on a reputation of providing timely maintenance and repair service. Each OEI service contract states that a service technician will arrive at a customer’s business site within an average of 3 hours from the time that the customer notifies OEI of an equipment problem.