Car Buying Assignment

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Car Buying Assignment

In this assignment, we will learn how to buy a car and figure out whether it is priced at or below market value.

First, you need to decide on your budget which is the maximum you can spend on a car and that maximum number should take into consideration price, tax, registration, and fixing if needed.

Second, go to the web site: and search for a car in within your budget constraint.

Third, go to the web site: (The Kelly Blue Book web site) and find out whether the car is at market value, overpriced, or under priced.

Finally, write a two page paper discussing your findings. Issues to explain or discuss:

• Why did you pick the car your picked?
• What are the 3 different prices that Kelly Blue Book provides?
• Based on Kelly Blue Book prices, is the car over or under priced?
• Any surprises, prior experience, feedback, thoughts…etc


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