COMM 470 Week 2 DQ 2

COMM 470 Week 2 DQ 2 in $3 only

In Week Two, we examine the specific characteristics of many of the media we use to communicate in the virtual workplace. Relative to our learning objectives for this week, please discuss the following :

1) Discuss the characteristics of the different forms of technology-mediated communication you may have experienced or will experience in the virtual workplace as a virtual team.

2) Although the technology of communications is important, discuss how human factors also come into play when communicating in a virtual environment such as your LT

3) As a LT member in this class or previous classes, what are the “noise” barriers you have experienced in communicating in the virtual environment of a classroom? What “noise” barriers might you anticipate encountering? How might you, as a LT, avoid these barriers to improve communication in the LT?

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