Task Name Duration Predecessors ES EF LS LF SLACK

Task Name Duration Predecessors ES EF LS LF SLACK for $5 Only (Instant Download)

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The project will be completed on 8th January, 2016
The project will take a year and 6 days to complete. Based on the TABLE 1, the Critical path is 2,3,5,8,9,11,12,13,15,16,17 (activities with 0 slack)

Based on Table 1: The activity that has the greatest amount of slack is Activity 6:”1.5 Detailed Marketing Plan” with a Slack of 179 days

4. When the project has multiple critical paths then the project is considered Sensitive whereas, when there is only one critical path, and other activities have Slack, then the project is considered insensitive, Hence, this project is insensitive

Construct a network schedule for this project and prepare a memo that answers the following questions: 1. When is the project estimated to be completed? How long will the project take? 2. What is the critical path for the project? 3. Which activity has the greatest amount of slack? 4. How sensitive is this network? 5. Identify two sensible milestones and explain your choices. Include the following printouts: • A Gantt chart. • A network diagram highlighting the critical path. • A schedule table reporting ES, LS, EF, LF, and slack for each activity

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