EMM415 Week 7 Benchmark Business Continuity Planning

EMM415 Week 7 Benchmark Business Continuity Planning for $15 Only

Business Continuity Planning

One of the primary goals of the recovery phase of disaster is to restore community functioning to its predisaster state as soon as possible. Critical to that goal is reestablishing regular business and commerce functions, which are critical to any community. While civic leaders have significant responsibility for supporting business continuity, so do business owners and operators. This assignment asks you to look at business continuity planning from within an organization to evaluate its state of preparedness for disaster and recommend recovery plans for ensuring its postdisaster continuity.

Assume you are a small business owner who has recently opened your first location and you are ready to develop plans to protect your business and employees in a disaster situation. Complete the following:

1.     Research and determine your business’s legal obligations for disaster preparedness. You may need to investigate federal, state, and local community guidelines.