Module 01 – Session Long Project

The Session Long project is intended to allow students to personalize the course/modular concepts by applying them. Please select a =company/organization/institution that you will analyze during this session. Please make sure that you are able to obtain information on the company you select. We recommend you select a large and well-known organization. For those of you employed in the health care setting feel free to use your employer.

For this =modules, please provide a brief summary of the company profile. At the end =f this module, submit a 1-2 page paper with the following information:

  • name of =organization
  • mission and vision
  • ownership =privately or publicly held, non-profit or for profit)
  • size
  • location
  • domestic or international
  • a brief history

Remember, you will use this organization throughout this entire course in all SLPs. also, learn how to read the fine print when you access the Website of the company you select. There is a wealth of information from reading about the company, its mission statement, CEO and executive =eam, officers, investors, annual report, press releases, etc.

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