FIN 501 SLP Module 1

FIN 501 SLP Module 1 in $50 Only (Instant Download)FIN 501 SLP Module 1

Module 1 – SLP

The Time Value of Money and Financial Statement Analysis

Conducting Financial Ratio Analysis

Select a publicly traded U.S. company that has paid a dividend for at least the last three years, and conduct a financial ratio analysis. You will be using this company for other assignments in this course; thus, please spend adequate time locating a company. Please consider reviewing to locate a company.  The company must have data available for you to conduct a financial ratio analysis.  It’s important to select a company in an industry that has industry ratio numbers.  You cannot select a privately held company.

Calculate all the following ratios for the company for the past three years and compare them to the appropriate industry benchmarks:

Trident FIN501 Case Modules 1

Trident FIN501 Case Modules 1 in $50 Only (Instant Download)

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Module 1 – Case

The Time Value of Money and Financial Statement Analysis

Case Assignment

Solving Present Value and Future Value Problems

You are the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of ABC Golf Equipment Corporation, a small company that sells golf equipment. Mr. Hillbrandt, the new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) has a marketing background and is trying to learn more about the financial side of running a business. He wants your help and asks for an introduction to the concept of time value of money.