BUS 591 Entire Course Financial Accounting & Analysis

BUS 591 Entire Course Financial Accounting & Analysis in $51 Only

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (G.A.A.P.). Briefly discuss Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or G.A.A.P. What are they? What is their purpose? Name the U.S. and international standard-setting bodies that established these principles. Are all companies required to follow these principles? Why or why not?

Your answer should illustrate understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and their international counterpart. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Annual Reports. Visit the website for Tootsie Roll (www.tootsie.com). Click on “Company Information” then “Financial Information”. Open the latest annual report and review it to find the answers to the following questions:

§ What are Tootsie Roll’s corporate principles? Do you agree with these principles, or do you feel there are additional principles that should be included?

What was the total amount of Tootsie Roll’s assets for the most current year available?