JWI 515 Week 9 Assignment 3 Final Project Industry and Company Analysis

JWI 515 Week 9 Assignment 3 Final Project for $11 Only (Instant Download)JWI 515 Week 9 Assignment 3 Final Project

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JWI 515 Week 9 Assignment 3 Final Project Industry and Company Analysis (Weight: 25%)

All of your hard work and relentless efforts have paid off! Your company’s main product or service is doing better than expected. In fact, you will be meeting next month with a group of investors and the company’s Board of Directors to secure an infusion of $100 million in new capital to significantly expand operations. To prepare for your presentation, you need to conduct a thorough and honest evaluation of your company and its products or services.


Write a 7-9 page paper in which you address the following topics:

1. Describe your company and its major products or services from economic perspectives using terms and concepts learned in this course. Include such aspects as:

  • Market sector and industry
  • Market structure—pure competition, monopoly, monopsony, or oligopoly
  • Major products and/or services
  • Elasticity and the factors that affect their supply and demand
  • Other economic characteristics, such as utility, type of good, etc.
  • Noneconomic forces that impact sales and profitability, such as weather, business cycles, technology releases, or regulations.

Analyze your industry using Porter’s “Five Forces” framework.

Classify each force as weak, strong, or neutral.

  • Why did you choose that classification?
  • How can your company best leverage this information?

Present information on pricing practices—basic and discriminatory.

  • What are the more common pricing practices utilized by your company and/or within its industry?
  • What types of discrimination options are not being used, but could be implemented?

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JWI 515: Managerial Economics

Assignment 3

4. Evaluate your company’s macroeconomic drivers and both short-term and long-term economic outlooks.

1. Macroeconomic drivers—Using GUIDES, choose one indicator that poses the greatest external concern and one indicator that poses a reassurance. Explain why.

2.  Given the above investigation into your company and its industry, what type of outlook (favorable/unfavorable) can your investors expect over the short-term (5-7 years) horizon? Explain why.

3. What type of outlook (favorable/unfavorable) can investors expect over the long-term (8+ years) horizon? Explain why.

Sample Answer:




  1. Market sector and industry.

     Netflix, Inc., an Internet television network, engages in the Internet delivery of television (TV) shows and movies on various Internet-connected screens. The Company operates in three segments: Domestic streaming, International streaming, and Domestic DVD. It offers members with the ability to receive TV shows and movies streaming content, including original series, documentaries, and feature films through a host of Internet-connected screens, such as TVs, digital video players, TV set-top boxes, and mobile devices. The company also provides DVDs-by-mail membership services. It serves approximately 75 million members in 190 countries. Netflix, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

Market structure – pure competition, monopoly, monopsony or oligopoly.

It is said that Netflix controls some 90% of the domestic streaming video market in the United States, but we can’t said that the company is a monopoly as it has a fierce competition in the video streaming market as there is few players, so is well known that Netflix competes principally against Hulu and Amazon Prime, as the two companies offer the same services: streaming movies, TV shows and present their own content.

Major product or services.

Netflix is an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available to North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, etc. and flat DVD-by-mail in the United States, were mailed DVDs are sent via permit reply mail. Online streaming service and DVD delivery service are the two main product lines for Netflix. The company core product is a service.


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