IT 341 Midterm Exam

IT 341 Midterm Exam in $28 OnlyIT 341 Midterm Exam

Polymers, and especially those that are used in packaging, are a large group of materials composed of primarily carbon and ________ atoms

a. oxygen
b. calcium
c. hydrogen
d. sodium
e. None of the above
T/F: All plastics are polymers, but not all polymers are plastic

Plastic is a group of high molecular weight polymers that can be shaped under

a. heat, pressure and time
b. cold temperature and pressure
c. all points beyond ambient temperature
d. pressure and time only
e. None of the above
CRV stands for

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Following files are included in the answer folder:

  1. Week 1/Job Title and Description Match Checkpoint.docx
  2. Week 1/Principles of security paper.docx
  3. Week 1/Syllabus+IT244.pdf
  4. Week 2/Week 2 dq 1.docx
  5. Week 2/Week 2 DQ 2.docx
  6. Week 3/Business Continuity Plan.docx
  7. Week 3/Disaster Recovery Plan Paper.docx
  8. Week 3/Week Three Term Match.docx
  9. Week 3/Week Three Toolwire Lab.docx
  10. Week 4/Physical Security Threats.docx
  11. Week 4/Technical Analogy Checkpoint.docx
  12. Week 4/Toolwire Lab Week 4.docx
  13. Week 4/Week 4 DQ 1.docx
  14. Week 4/Week 4 DQ 2.docx
  15. Week 5/Operation Security Paper.docx
  16. Week 5/Sarbanes and Oxley.docx
  17. Week 5/Week Five Term Match.docx
  18. Week 6/Toolwire lab Week 6.docx
  19. Week 6/Week 6 DQ 1.docx
  20. Week 6/Week 6 DQ 2.docx
  21. Week 7/Network Security Paper.docx
  22. Week 7/OSI MODEL Checkpoint.docx
  23. Week 7/Week Seven Term Match.docx
  24. Week 8/Week 8 Dq 1.docx
  25. Week 8/Week 8 Dq 2.docx
  26. Week 9/Capstone.docx
  27. Week 9/Final Paper.docx
  28. Week 9/Week nine term match.docx


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