Jack Borrows and Other Questions

1. Jack borrows $19,000 to be repaid in 2 equal year-end amounts over 2 years. If the interest rate is 4.7% per annum compounded quarterly, Jack’s annual repayment is (rounded to nearest dollar; don’t include the $ sign or commas):

2. You deposit 5,000 into your bank account every month starting in one month. You earn an interest rate of 6.4% p.a. compounded quarterly. How much will in your account after 5 years? (Correct your answer to the nearest cent without any unit (Do not put $ in front of your answer.). Do not use “,” in your answer. e.g. 123456.78)

3. Calculate the nominal interest p.a. compounded half-yearly that is equivalent to 7.2% p.a. compounded quarterly. (Correct your answer to the nearest 0.01%, e.g. 2.12%)

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