Question on Waterbury, Inc. Manufactures

Question on Waterbury, Inc. Manufactures in $7 onlyWaterbury

Waterbury, Inc. manufactures and sells RF17, a specialty raft used for whitewater rafting. In 2015, it reported the following:
Units produces and sold:20,000
Full cost per unit$300
Rate of return on investment20%
Markup percentage on variable cost50%
1. (a) What was the selling price in 2015?
(b) What was the percentage mark up on full cost?
(c) What was the variable cost per unit?

D. Lawrance Designs and Manufactures Fashionable

D. Lawrance Designs and Manufactures Fashionable in $11 only

D. Lawrance designs and manufactures fashionable men’s clothing. For the coming year, the company has scheduled production of 40,00

Unit Costs              Total
Variable manufacturing costs          $50                   $2,000,000
Variable selling expenses                    20                        800,000
Fixed manufacturing costs                  10                        400,000
Fixed operating expenses                       5                       200,000
Total costs and expenses                    $85                 $3,400,000

The management of D. Lawrance is considering a special order from Discount Apparel for an additional 10,000 jackets. These jackets wou Although D. Lawrance regularly sells its jackets to retail stores at a price of $150 each, Discount Apparel has offered to pay only $80 pe

Gilberto Company Currently Manufactures

Gilberto Company Currently Manufactures in $5 onlyGilberto Company

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Gilberto Company currently manufactures 60,000units per year of one of its crucial parts. Variable costs are $2.10 per unit, fixed costs related to making this part are $60,000 per year, and allocated fixed costs are $45,000 per year. Allocated fixed costs are unavoidable whether the company makes or buys the part. Gilberto is considering buying the part from a supplier for a quoted price of $3.30 per unit guaranteed for a three-year period.

Calculate the total incremental cost of making 60,000 units. (Round cost per unit answers to 2 decimal places.)

Calculate the total incremental cost of buying 60,000 units.