Marques Gourmet Coffee

Marques Gourmet Coffee in $2 Only (Instant Download)

Jose Ricardo Marques from San Pedro, Brazil is a fourth generation coffee plantation grower. Jose’s great grandfather, Manual, started with 1,000 acres of coffee bean trees in the fertile valley of Brazil in the early 1900s. Through careful harvesting and production processes, Manual was able to develop a high quality premium coffee bean, which is used in the finest quality coffee blends. The family now owns close to 50,000 acres of coffee trees and is a major supplier to national companies specializing in gourmet coffee brands.

As Marques Coffee Beans has moved through the generations, family members have assumed various roles in the company operations. Jose, who grew up with the business, went to the Unites States for his college undergraduate degree and stayed on to earn an MBA degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurial studies. His goal has always been to start his own coffee company in the United States.