Answer of Two Objective Type Questions

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Objective Type Questions

Which type of health insurance policy typically consists of coverage of 80%, or similar, of expenses after meeting an annual deductible?

a.a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan

b.a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan indemnity plan

d.a whole life plan

e.a floater plan

A perspective of investment tends to work under a _ time horizon, with relatively _ trades.

a.long-term; many

b.long-term; few

c.short-term; many

d.short-term; few

e.immediate-term; many

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Saint GBA334 Final Exam 2015 Graded

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Free Sample Answers Given Below

Question 1.1.Slack time in a network is the: (Points : 2)
Amount of time that an activity would take assuming very unfavorable conditions.
Shortest amount of time that could be required to complete the activity.
Amount of time that you would expect it would take to complete the activity.
difference between the expected completion time of the project using pessimistic times and the expected completion time of the project using optimistic times.
amount of time that an activity can be delayed without delaying the entire project
Question 2.2.Given an activity’s optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic time estimates of 4, 12, and 18 days respectively, what is the PERT variance for this activity? (Points : 2)
None of the above

Economics Multiple Choice Questions

Economics Multiple Choice Questions in $24 only

Question 1

The central bank of the United States is:


a. The Bank of America

b. The Federal Reserve System

c. The U.S. Treasury

d. Citibank

0.5 points

Question 2

In the United States control of the money supply is given to:


a. The President

b. The Federal Reserve System

c. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving

d. The Department of the Treasury

0.5 points

Question 3

Accounting Quiz 2 MCQs 2015

Accounting Quiz 2 MCQs 2015 in $11 only (Instant Download)

Multiple choice (5 pts each)

1) In a good internal control system, which of the following documents are required for proper approval of a payment to a supplier?

a) a journal entry, a supplier invoice, and a description of the goods being purchased

b) a receiving report, an invoice, and a purchase order (Sample Answer)

c) a purchase order, a journal entry, and a price catalog

d) a supplier invoice, a bill of lading, and the supplier’s financial statements

2) In the following situation, which internal control procedure needs strengthening?

Accounting Final Exam 35 MCQs

Accounting Final Exam 35 MCQs in $19 only


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Question text

Which ASB balance assertion is of the most importance to auditors for long-term liabilities?

Select one:

a. Existence

b. Rights & Obligations

c. Valuation

d. Completeness

FE Acct Final Exam MCQs

FE Acct Final Exam MCQs in $11 only

Dividends are declared out of

Multiple Choice Question 71

If Baylor Company issues 8,000 shares of $5 par value common stock for $280,000,

Multiple Choice Question 74

If stock is issued for a noncash asset, the asset should be recorded on the books of the

corporation at

Multiple Choice Question 76

If a stockholder receives a dividend that reduces retained earnings by the fair market value of the stock, the stockholder has received a

Multiple Choice Question 44

Accounting Problems and MCQs with A+ Answers

Accounting Problems and MCQs with A+ Answers in $24 only

In essence, capital budgeting is the process of:
Deciding what to do with the firm’s money
Deciding how much capital the firm needs
Deciding where to get the money for capital investment projects
Deciding when to invest in a new project

Question 2 2 pts
Which of the following cash flows is an “incremental cash flow” for the purposes of capital budgeting?
Expenditures on plant and equipment for a new project
R& D expenditures for a new project during the last three years
Dividend payments
Reduction of a competitor’s sales as a result of the your company’s introduction of a new product