Project Management – Chapter 1: Modern Project Management (Exercises)

Project Management – Chapter 1: Modern Project Management (Exercises)

Project Management: The Managerial Process  By Erik W Larson, Clifford F Gray 

Chapter 1: Modern Project Management

1. Review the front page of your local newspaper, and try to identify all the projects contained in the articles.  How many were you able to find?

2. Individually identify what you consider to be the greatest achievements accomplished by mankind in the last five decades.  Now share your list with three to five other students in the class, and come up with an expanded list.  Review these accomplishments in terms of the definition of a project.  What does your review suggest about the importance of project management?

3. Individually identify projects assigned in previous terms.  Were both sociocultural and technical elements factors in the success or difficulties in the projects?

4. Check out the Project Management Institute’s home page at

a.   Review general information about PMI as well as membership information.

b.   See if there is a PMI chapter in your state.  If not, where is the closest one?

c.   Use the search function at the PMI home page to find information on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).  What are the major knowledge areas of PMBOK?

d.   Explore other links that PMI provides.  What do these links tell you about the nature and future of project management?


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