NETW 204 Week 2 Homework Assignment VLAN

NETW 204 Week 2 Homework Assignment VLAN in $20 OnlyNETW 204 Week 2 Homework Assignment VLAN


1. A network engineer typed the following command on a switch hostname S1 and observed the output below. Explain each entry in the output and the possible source for each MAC address in the MAC Address Table. (10 points)

SW1#sh mac-address-table

Mac Address Table


Vlan Mac Address Type Ports


10 0001.c7ad.cd5a STATIC Fa0/2

1 00d0.5883.5001 DYNAMIC Fa0/1

1 00d0.5883.5002 DYNAMIC Fa0/4
45 00d0.d3aa.ec3a STATIC Fa0/15

1.Explain the significance of each of the following types of VLAN: Data, Management, Native, and Blackhole. Explain where each type of VLAN fits into a LAN network. In addition, what is the default VLAN on a Cisco switch for Data, Management, and Native frames? Justify your answer (10 points)

2.List the range of Normal VLANs. What VLANs are reserved in that range? List the Extended VLAN range. What, if any, VLANs are reserved in that range? (10 points)

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