DNP840 Week 7 Benchmark Assignment Comprehensive Assessment

DNP840 Week 7 Benchmark Assignment Comprehensive Assessment Part Two: Outcomes and Reflection for $26 Only

Comprehensive Assessment

The DNP comprehensive assessment provides learners the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement of core and specialty DNP competencies. It is also an appraisal of learners’ ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge within the context of their scholarly and practice interests and their readiness to complete the DPI project. The two-part comprehensive assessment includes evaluation of work completed throughout the program and a final synthesis and self-reflection demonstrating achievement of programmatic outcomes. In Part One of the assessment, learners were required to collect and review coursework deliverables and practice immersion hours completed in the program thus far. In Part Two, learners are required to synthesize and reflect on their learning and prioritize work for their DPI project.

BUS 308 Week 4 Lecture 11 Part Two Linear Regression

BUS 308 Week 4 Lecture 11 Part Two Linear Regression for $7 Only

Read Lecture Eleven. Lecture Eleven provides information showing a strong positive correlation and a significant linear regression existed between the individual’s salary and midpoint (used as a substitute for grade). This is not an unexpected outcome in a company. How useful are these in understanding what drives salary differences? Why? What examples of a linear regression might be useful in your personal or professional lives? Why? (This should be started on Day 3.)

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