POS-500 Topic 5 DQ 2

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POS-500 Topic 5 DQ 2

Imagine that the cell phone you have confiscated has readily visible sexually inappropriate messages on it. How would you handle the situation? Be sure to cite any applicable case law, school board policies, and state laws to support your answer.

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POS-500 Topic 5 Cyberbullying and the First Amendment

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POS-500 Topic 5 Cyberbullying and the First Amendment
A student notifies you that she has been subjected to bullying through a classmate’s Facebook page. In 500-750-words, address the following:

  1.     Steps you are required to take that are consistent with state statutes, your district’s school board policies, faculty handbook, and the student handbook;
  2.     Any First Amendment arguments you think the student with the Facebook page may raise; and
  3.     Responses you could make to the First Amendment arguments that are consistent with the cases in the assigned readings.

POS-500 Topic 6 Field Experience

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photo of stream during daytime

POS-500 Topic 6 Field Experience

Allocate 3 hours in the field to support this assignment.

Attend a school board meeting for a local school district. If you are unable to attend in person, you may watch a live stream or an official recorded video of a recent school board meeting.

In a 500-750-word reflection about your experience, address the following:

  1.     Describe each item addressed at the board meeting. What was being discussed and why?
  2.     Explain who was in attendance at the meeting. What kinds of people were there? Why were they there? Were you surprised by who attended?
  3.     Describe who presented at the meeting. Were the presentations civil? Did you agree with one side or another of the arguments?
  4.     What you learned at this board meeting.
  5.     How you will use what you learned as a teacher.

Submit a copy of the meeting agenda to LoudCloud with your reflection.