Factors and Forces of Geological Features PPT


Factors and Forces of Geological Features PPT

Choose a state or one of the following regions:
o Region 1: Interior Plain
o Region 2: Appalachian Highlands
o Region 3: Rocky Mountain System
o Region 4: Pacific Mountain System
o Region 5: Atlantic Plain

· Create a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation for your selected state or region.
· Address the following in your PowerPoint®:

  • Describe the various geologic events that have occurred in your region.
  • Describe the geological features and various types of rocks that formed in the area (for example, mountains, craters, canyons, volcanoes, fault lines, or folds).
  • Choose one of these geological features to research. What is the most prevalent rock type of the feature? Describe the mineral composition of the rock type.
  • How old is your geologic feature? Estimate the absolute age of the geological feature, and discuss methods used to determine the age.
  • What geologic event created your chosen geological feature? Discuss the process of plate tectonics related to the formation.
  • Discuss the significance of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks in your region.
  • Discuss the type(s) of weathering and erosion processes that has most likely affected the physical appearance of your geological feature.
  • Discuss any significant water, ocean, desert, or glacial feature(s) associated with your region, and the process involved with creating one of them.

Starbuck Coffee Positioning Powerpoint

Starbuck Coffee Positioning Powerpoint in $28 onlyStarbuck Coffee Positioning Powerpoint

Using Starbucks, choose a product or service the company offers on which to focus.

Identify the important attributes for your chosen product and select two key variables for your perceptual map.

Prepare a perceptual map for your chosen product/brand and using a minimum of seven competitors, rank each product/brand on the two variables based on how they are positioned in the consumers’ minds.

Explain why you placed each competitor on its particular spot on the map, and how you might strengthen your chosen product/brand’s position in the minds of the target market.

ISCOM 352 Entire Week 5 (Week Five)

Cover of Supply Chain Management Review

ISCOM 352 Entire Week 5 (Week Five) in $12 only (Instant Download)

Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual OrganizationISCOM 352 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Presentation

Navigate to the Virtual Organizations website athttps://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/cist/vop/Business/PortBus.htm

Select Riordan Manufacturing.

Click the Intranet tab, then select Operations from the left-hand menu.

Read inventory and supply chain information for research and development in Albany, GA, and Pontiac, MI.

Create a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation as part of a training seminar in inventory management. Training will focus on inventory management as part of supply chain logistics. In your presentation, address the following:

Full Course MGT 360 Entire Course (Weeks 1-5) Individual Assignment and Discussion Questions

Full Course MGT 360 Entire Course (Weeks 1-5) Individual Assignment and Discussion Questions

in $29 only (Instant Download)

MGT 360 Week 1 Individual Assignment Biosphere Worksheet

  • Complete Biosphere Worksheet
  • In Section B, please complete the matrix using complete sentences and make certain you place a complete sentence in every cell (all 21 cells). Each of the 21 cells is worth 1 point; if you do not answer with a complete sentence in a cell, you will lose 1 point per cell.

In Section C, make certain you cite the two required sources in your answer.

MGT 360 Week 2 Individual Assignment Shareholders and Stakeholders Presentation

  • Create a presentation in which you demonstrate how different stakeholders are affected by business decisions and practices.
  • Select one of the following types of industries: a pharmaceutical manufacturer, an organic yogurt producer, a carpet cleaning company, or a city aquarium (or you may choose a different industry). Identify a representative example of a real business among one of these industries and provide a brief summary of this business’s products, services, and practices.
  • Identify four types of stakeholders for your chosen business. Describe how each stakeholder is involved in or affected by the business and specify their concerns with the business’s standard practices.
  • Explain how stakeholders’ preferences may conflict with shareholders’ financial concerns. Please make certain you clearly distinguish between these two groups.
  • xplain, in the conclusion, how decisions that benefit one group may have a negative effect on the other and describe the role of a business leader in trying to balance the shareholders’ and stakeholders’ concerns.
  • Choose the format of your presentation. You could, for example, make a 5- to 10-minute oral presentation, accompanied by a PowerPoint® presentation. You could also record your presentation as a video clip or another form of media.