Professional Preparation and Reflection SLP

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Professional Preparation

Professional Preparation and Reflection SLP

The goal of the Session Long Project (SLP) Assignments is the completion of an 8- to 10-page paper on a topic of interest that is directly related to your concentration. There are four components to the SLP, and you will complete one component within each module.

Students are expected to incorporate any instructor feedback into each assignment.

SLP Assignment Expectations

SLP 1 will include:

  1. Introduction: Identify the Topic (1 page)
  2. Statement of the Problem (1/2 page)
  3. Guiding Question(s) and Strategy (1 page)
  4. Reference List

Introduction: Prepare an introduction to your SLP identifying a current (within one year) unique, special, or critical issue you are interested in professionally. The topic should be related to your concentration of study, thus providing an appropriate context for your writing. Include at least 3 articles from peer-reviewed journals that support the relevance, timeliness, and importance of the topic.

Statement of the Problem: Prepare a statement of the problem. Use the information below to assist you in the development of a problem statement related to the topic.

The statement of the problem “is an education issue or problem within the broad topic area that you believe is important. For example, within the topic area of distance learning, there might be issues or problems relating to a lack of student interest or accuracy of assessment of performance” (Christensen and Johnson, 2013, p. 71). In this example, the topic is distance learning and the problem is lack of student interest or accuracy of assessment.