Waiting Lines and Queuing Theory Models

Queuing Theory Models

Waiting Lines and Queuing Theory Models for $5 Only (Instant Download)

Waiting Lines and Queuing Theory Models
Write ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if the statement is false.
1) A goal of many waiting line problems is to help a firm find the ideal level of services that minimize
the cost of waiting and the cost of providing the service.
2) In the multichannel model (M/M/m), we must assume that the average service time for all channels is the same.
3) The wait time for a single channel system is more than twice that for a two channel system using two servers working at the same rate as the single server.
4) The study of waiting lines is called queuing theory.
5) The three basic components of a queuing process are arrivals, service facilities, and the actual waiting line.
6) One difficulty in waiting line analysis is that it is sometimes difficult to place a value on customer waiting time.
7) A bank with a single queue to move customers to several tellers is an example of a single channel system.
8) Service times often follow a Poisson distribution.
9) An M/M/2 model has Poisson arrivals exponential service times and two channels.
10) The goal of most waiting line problems is to identify the service level that minimizes service cost.
11) An automatic car wash is an example of a constant service time model.
12) In a constant service time model, both the average queue length and average waiting time are halved.
13) A hospital ward with only 30 beds could be modeled using a finite population model.
14) A finite population model differs from an infinite population model because there is a random relationship between the length of the queue and the arrival rate.
15) Two characteristics of arrivals are the line length and queue discipline.
16) Arrivals are random when they are dependent on one another and can be predicted.
17) The arrivals or inputs to the system are sometimes referred to as the calling population.
18) Limited calling populations are assumed for most queuing models.

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