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ACC 363 Week 1 DQ1

Many of you have probably heard that a new car “depreciates” or loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot. While this is what most people call “depreciation”, it has a completely different meaning in accounting. In accounting, what is depreciation?

ACC 363 Week 1 DQ2

Why would you select the percentage of sales method on calculating doubtful accounts as opposed to the percentage of receivables method? Which method favors the income statement? Which method favors the balance sheet?

ACC 363 Week 1 DQ3

Riordan Manufacturing: Improving Sales Methods

Riordan Manufacturing: Improving Sales Methods in $8 Only

CIS/207 Riordan Manufacturing: Improving Sales Methods

To improve sales methods, Riordan Manufacturing needs to have an information system that is accessible through computers and mobile devices across all branches of the company. The information system data that the company needs is something that can store all pertinent information about customers such as customer information. The record must be password protected as well and only sales agent with accompanying login information can access the records because most of it are confidential especially customer the information. Through the internet, a web-based CRM or customer relationship management system can be used. CRM can run using a service platform called SaaS. This platform and program is what Riordan Manufacturing needs in order to have an organized sales system. Through the system, sales analysis would be easier. Through the information program that Riordan will be using, sales data can be accessible for all sales analyst and personnel of Riordan who need it. If other departments will need information about the products and sales of Riordan, they can access it through the information system as well. Riordan already have computers installed in all of its branches but most of them are obsolete hence the company must consider upgrading computers and software to Windows 7. The company might spend some for the upgrade but in return, the new system will help the company have a better database. A newer and better database in return will help the company become more self-sufficient and reliable with its information, something that its sales analyst can use in order to make useful market and sale predictions. As needed, Riordan must purchase SaaS system to make its cloud system work seamless. As Riordan goes through all these changes, it must be aware of the gains that it will have in the future and set aside the worries of spending more for the upgrade and spending more for buying software and server platform like SaaS.

Riordan Manufacturing was started by Dr. Riordan. His company started in the plastic industry. Prior to starting his business, his patents were licensed to his manufacturers and after 15 years, Dr. Riordan was able to manufacture his own products with plants in the US and China. Riordan Manufacturing became a known company in the production of beverage containers, plastic parts of medical devices, fans and medical devices such as sterns and artificial heart valve parts. According to Apollo Group Inc., (2006), the goal of Riordan is to make $50M revenue in two years’ time. The revenue is expected after Riordan spends for upgrades and installing information system that the business will need to run better. We will talk more about the proposed information system later on. Another reason why the company is willing to spend on information system is the fact that it can help in increasing sales because sales analyst can make better analysis if they have ready data at hand, something that can be only possible if Riordan has an information system to use.

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OPS 571 Production-Plan-for-Riordan-Manufacturing (LTM)

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