Progress in Coffee Shop Business

Progress in Coffee Shop Business in $11 onlyProgress in Coffee Shop Business

In Week 7, you will submit your second comprehensive summary (4-5 pages) regarding your final progress report. If you are still in your original business, what lessons did you learn? If not, what went wrong? What improvements did you purposefully make that made a difference in your performance? For this report, focus on the areas we covered last: marketing and human resources. Again, did you improve in operating in alignment with your personal objectives you identified at the beginning of the game? What research can you find to support some of the issues you discovered? This paper should be APA formatted and should contain a minimum of 3 library-quality references.

Note: In the game we were able to pick between three different businesses. A music store, a coffee shop or a sandwich shop. The overall discussion isn’t about what business as much as just a business in general.

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Lassic Upholstery Shop

Lassic Upholstery Shop in $42 only

Tyler Smith has worked in an upholstery shop for 10 years. Last year, Tyler’s wages were $20,000. Lately, Tyler has been unhappy with the shop’s owner. Convinced that he could run an upholstery shop that did better work at a lower cost, Tyler decided to go into business for himself and opened CLASSIC UPHOLSTERY SHOP.

To get the business going, Tyler decided to invest heavily in advertising. He spent $6,000 on advertising aimed at consumers and another $2,000 on advertising aimed at getting work from interior decorators and interior design stores. Tyler also purchased industrial sewing machines costing $4,000 and other tools and equipment costing $3,000. He estimated that the sewing machines can be used for about 5 years, before maintenance costs will be too high and the machines will need to be replaced. The other tools and equipment are not as durable and will have to be replaced in 3 years.