Computation of Staffing Requirements of St. Luke’s Hospital

Computation of Staffing Requirements of St. Luke’s Hospital for $4.99 Only (Instant Download)

Ian, RN, MBA, the DON of St. Luke’s Hospital, needs to compute the staffing requirements to fill an Acute Care Unit for Older Adults. Since this is a residential (inpatient) unit, it is required to have staff 24-hours per day, 7-days per week and 365 days per year. The DON knows the State requirements and is running 8-hour shifts with full-time staff working a total of 40 hours per week. He knows that he needs three (3) RNs on each of Shifts 1 and 2 and one (1) RN on Shift 3. He needs six (6) LPNs on the day (Shift 1) and six (6) LPNs on the evening shift (Shift 2), with three (3) LPNs on Night shift (Shift 3). Twelve (12) CNAs are needed to help patients both in the morning and evening and one (1) CNA is needed to assist at Night. Only one (1) Clerical Staff is needed (Monday – Friday) for the Day Shift and not on any other shift. The Clerical position is a 40-hour position and does not require week-end coverage. One (1) Nursing Supervisor is required to be assigned to each shift. post in excel format so I can edit each cell   

Utilize PROBLEM 5 example table to:       

Set-up the Staff Requirements Table/Spreadsheet and complete with information given.

Compute the FTE requirements to fulfill the Staffing Requirements.

Problem 5 (continued)

Using your calculated FTE requirements and the average salary per hour per position listed in the last table, compute the following:

Annual Cost per Position

Annual Cost per Position on each shift based on FTE requirements placing the answer under each appropriate column (shift) and row (Position) in the table,

Total Cost per Position (which is the total for all three shifts by position).

Total Cost per Shift (All FTEs on that shift), and

Total Anticipated Expense for the Unit Staffing (all shifts, all positions).

What is the average cost per FTE on this unit?   

Shifts24 -Hr Total
Positions/shift Req’d123# 8 -Hr-Shifts
Nursing Supervisor111
Nursing Assistants12121
Total Employees Coverage
7 Days/Week Equivalent123FTEs
Nursing Supervisor
Total FTEs=
7 Days/Week EquivalentShiftsTotal
Position:Ave HrlyAnnual HoursAnnual123Anticipate $
Nursing Supervisor$                      51.50
Rns$                      38.25
LPN$                      22.50
CNAs$                      16.00
Clerical$                      22.00
Total FTEs=
Average Cost Per FTE =

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