ISCOM 424 Entire Week 4

CRM im Geschaeftsmodell

ISCOM 424 Week 4 Individual Assignment Customer Lifetime Value Metric

Use the course materials supplement Customer Lifetime Value Metric, found on your student Web page, to calculate the lifetime value of a customer who has recently contracted with Riordan Manufacturing.

ISCOM 424 Week 4 Team Assignment Best Practices for Customer Relationship Management

Riordan has assembled your team to create a CRM best practices proposal. You were chosen because of your exemplary skills in management and your ability to collaborate to create quick and effective results.

Write a 700 to 1,000-word proposal in APA format. Choose at least three specific processes in Riordan’s supply chain that directly affect customer satisfaction. Include a description of your assessment of customer satisfaction improvements and the organization’s ability to meet customer expectations. Provide support for recommended organizational process improvements and best practices for customer relationship management. Include support for how your recommendations will improve the supply chain operations.

ISCOM 424 Week 4 DQ 1

How does supply chain visibility benefit the operations of a global supply chain? What are some considerations that must be made when global communications are necessary for successful product delivery? How do supply chain communications and visibility affect the competitive advantage of an organization?

ISCOM 424 Week 4 DQ 2

For what reasons must a supply chain management team understand the value proposition? How can understanding the value propositions and goals of an organization guide the improvement and planning process?


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ISCOM 424 Entire Week 3

Einordnung der Supply Chain Finanzierung (SCF)...

ISCOM 424 Week 3 Individual Assignment Statement of Professional Ethics

You are seeking a promotion to a supply chain management position. Your company requires each candidate to write a statement of ethics as part of the application process. Select three to five ethical considerations for supply chain managers regarding their behavior in supplier relations.

Write a 300- to 500-word paper describing the three to five ethical considerations you chose that analyzes how these issues can affect an organization’s supply chain and explains your professional goals for dealing with these ethical considerations.

  • Format your paper according to APA standards.

ISCOM 424 Week 3 Team Assignment Supply Chain Complexities

Research the following aspects of Riordan Manufacturing:

  • Mission
  • Value proposition
  • Customer-focused goals

Evaluate the individual diagrams created by each team member during Week One and identify similarities and differences between them. Discuss the differences and create one single diagram that accurately reflects Riordan Manufacturing’s supply chain.

Work together to find areas in the supply chain where inefficiencies occur.

Write a proposal of 350-750 words to the director of supply chain operations. Include the following: