Relevant Cash Flows Winnebagel Corp

Relevant Cash Flows Winnebagel Corp

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Relevant Cash Flows Winnebagel Corp. currently sells 28,000 motor homes per year at $73.000 each and 7,000 luxury motor coaches per year at $115,000 each. The company wants to introduce a new portable camper to fill out its product line; it hopes to sell 29,000 of these campers per vear at $18.500 each. An independent consultant has determined that if Winnebagel introduces the new campers, it should boost the sales.of its existing motor homes by 2.500 units per year and reduce the sales of its motor coaches by 750 units per year. What is the amount to use as the annual sales figure when evaluating this project? Why?

Calculating AAR You’re trying to determine whether or not to expand your business by building a new manufacturing plant. The plant has an installation cost of S14 million, which will be depreciated straight-line to zero over its four-year life. If the plant has projected net income of $1,253,000, $1.935.000,$1,738,000, and $1,310.000 over these four years, what is the project’s average accounting return (AAR)?

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