WileyPLUS Week 3 Assignment

WileyPLUS Week 3 Assignment 

Week 3 WileyPLUS   /  Complete the following Week 3 Assignment in WileyPLUS

P9-7A In recent years, Farr Company has purchased

E10-5 During the month of March, Olinger Company’s

E10-8 On August 1, 2014, Ortega Corporation issued $813,600

E10-13 Romine Company issued $530,700 of 9%, 10-year bonds

E10-22 Cole Corporation issued $432,000, 7%, 25-year

E10-24 Nance Co. receives $306,800 when it issues a $306,800

BYP10-1The financial statements of Tootsie Roll are presented below

BYP10-2 The financial statements of The Hershey Company and Tootsie Roll are presented below

P10-9A Wempe Co. sold $3,367,000, 8%, 10-year bonds on January 1, 2014

P10-13A Grace Herron has just approached a venture capitalist for

IFRS 10-4Ratzlaff Company issues €2 million, 10-year

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